Stranger Within


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Stranger Within


On that sunny day, when city temperature was climbing up to 40 degrees, Roshan was driving to his new client’s office hunting for business. A strong man like Roshan having a personality of a wrestler, never really thought that he’d be a sales guy who’d try and convince people to give his company new business instead of threating them to do so. 

He was speeding up to catch that meeting, however he couldn’t find strength to move irratic traffic or to change signal lights to green. Suddenly, he figured out a short diversion to bypass all the nonsense going on the road. It was an off-road drive towards nowhere but he trusted his navigation system. “In 200 meters turn left“, the system said and to his blind surprise he took that turn. After few meters ahead he saw a man waving for help, it seemed his car had broken down. “What poor luck!”, Roshan said it to himself and stopped to check with this stranger. 

“Excuse me! I’m really sorry but could you please help me locating a garage around to get a mechanic? I can help you with right path as well”, stranger said. Now Roshan had more headache to deal with but still he agreed saying, “Actually I’m running late but you can get along and see it for yourself on the way”. Stranger smiled and quickly got in the car. 

Roshan introduced himself and lit his cigarette after offering it to this stranger who declined it. Without introducing himself, stranger said, “So what do you do?”, “Well nothing much, selling, getting business, etc., what about you?”, Roshan passed the same question at him. “Well! Where to start from I’m part of your history”, stranger replied creating big question mark on Roshan’s face. “What I mean is, probably you never noticed me in your life, I do exactly what you do, I struggle for my life, I fear of losing my job, I fight to keep my family healthy and alive, I run around cursing everyone who tries to stop me, I pray, I relax over weekends, I hang out with friends, I hate getting up on Monday, I still wait for my payday, I fall in love with someone, yet I look for being a boss of relationship, I try and be a good man to help needy”, till the time stranger was saying this, Roshan was in complete horror. He felt like he just crashed his car somewhere the way he suddenly stopped. 

“What kind of joke is this? Have you been following me?, say something or I’ll kill you right here”, Roshan was furious now. “Hold on, I’ll tell you from beginning”, stranger said calmly. “I’m just a passerby, I see you everyday without getting into your notice, I hear your conversations, I see you angry, yelling, sometimes happy, sometimes crazily drunk, my job is to follow random people, make them realize what they are missing, so my friend, that was not my car from where you picked me up. I saw you taking a wrong turn out of desperation and stood there to show you a way out. But important thing is, you should realize there is every hour you’ll keep on running around fighting to achieve something, however you should try and live for yourself. You have your own follower within you don’t miss him out else you have people like me to drop off.”, after saying this stranger stepped out of the car and walked away making Roshan stunned and glued to steering. 

After such surprising incident, Roshan just smiled and continued to follow navigation system which sounded, “In 400meters your destination will be on your left hand side.” But this time, he did not stop at his destination and just drove ahead. 

Town Down


I’m sitting at the bar waiting for whisky on standard 2 rocks. The bartender is as tired as I am but my story is different than him. In one sense, it is similar too; meaning he is tired of serving people and I’m tired serving for people.

Last night, I was driving on the street to valley, “Vailley” they call it. I had bunch of money bags in the back which I needed to burn down. Burning down money is just too much fun especially when you combine it with human body parts attached to it. It is considered as the paper used for currency bills reduces the odour of burning flesh. Why would I believe it? May be some freak did research to provide “not so useful” information after all. However, i had no curiosity to dig in, so I followed my duties. While driving I remembered the last thing Robert said, “Son, you can bury a body down, but it is as good as hiding! We don’t wanna play hide and seek, so destroy the kill”.

Right across a tree in the Vailley I digged a small hole to put all wooden blocks along with the body pieces wrapped in bills. When I lit the fire, red fumes came out. “How much smuggled money this bastard has anyway? But these bills are effective for sure! Researcher was so damn right!

Robert has his own gang running in, last night he had to kill his wife’s ex-lover. He cut down his body in pieces and asked me to stick smuggled money bills to those pieces. Ruthless bugger! but he is the boss so I am serving for him. Every day ends with my dirty hands which take an hour to clean-up. Whisky glass in hand gets me to sleep, the more I pour in, deeper the sleep. I get girls, Yeah! But it is more like temporary amusement. One cannot separate pleasure from relief. Sometimes, I wonder why would I take up this job, may be for money or because I couldn’t get the education right. I hated when people asked me about my school and boring lifestyle. I used to think, I should shoot them all. Now, I can do that really.

There is nice lady sitting in the bar, her appearance is making me forget the pain I have. She has perfect body, luscious lips, dark hair which proves that she spends quite much time on herself. Her red-black dress is slowly attracting me to her golden skin. I’m sure she’d be sharing same intentions with me to get down on each other for pleasure. We’d have the best time ever darling. But may be some other night.

Now that I’m back at my house, it gets so depressing to think about what I’ve achieved till date, no good job, all bloodshed, murders, guns, money, lots of money. On the other side, I have all comforts in the world, everything a normal person can think of. “A normal person” does it make me abnormal? Or makes me depressed?. By looking at the paper my psychologist gave me, I think I’m mad, I think I should take my brains out. Will I get answers after that? I hope so.

In  fall of 1966, Robert was found dead in his house reportedly by a servant who heard a sound of gunshot. Robert was on criminal list for long time and apparently he himself did the task what cops intended to do from so many years. Accused of forgery, murders, smuggling he was also known for keeping his gang safe and sound every time. None of his gang members were caught red handedly neither cops ever found any concrete evidence against them. While observing the suicide scene at Robert’s house, cops found a medicine paper from a psychologist. The names were not disclosed, however the medicines were prescribed for something called as “Bipolar Disorder & Split Personality”.

The Shadowed Dream


He was roaming in his subconscious when he heard a voice calling him. That dark voice woke him up from his deep sleep or coma he’d call it. He couldn’t remember his identity; pale, he was lying there since how many days he had no clue of. The strange dark voice continued to get him back in senses. 

It said, “My friend, wake up! You don’t belong here. Do you remember who you are?”

He took about few moments to realize that he might be talking to someone who is not in existence. He realized, his position is somewhere in dark where he cannot see anyone anywhere. He started to dig in his mind to look for a hint of his identity; nothing really helped.

He said, “What’s wrong? Who is there? Who am I? Where am I?”

The voice said, “It is not new that you come down to a strange feeling about your existence. What I can really tell you is, you shouldn’t be here. You should run or change your location to where you are far away from this place”

By now he realized that a female voice out of nowhere is talking to him to help. But he thought, it is a place where he felt like a blind person with open eyes which couldn’t see anything but pitch black place. He couldn’t see his body and he is supposed leave from there. But where? In which direction? 

He said to himself, “I don’t really care what the voice says, I’m going to be here till I come to know what’s going on”

Ignoring the warning he refused to leave. The voice warned him that he had 24 hours to change location or he will loose his existence. He thought, in that case in sometime at least I’ll see the light. But he was believing in false assumption.

Warning kept sounding every single hour. He kept the count but even aftr 18 counts he did not see any sign of light. He started getting more confused. First his identity was in question and now his existence. 

During 24th hour of warning, he started to realize it could be his wrong movement by ignoring the voice. But he had a satisfying curiosity to face, what was coming for him. 

At last, final warning sounded, “You fool! You refused to leave, now you will pay the price”

He was ready. Suddenly, a strange figure appeared in the dark. He still couldn’t see it but he assumed it was like a tree but its movement was towards him. He saw that it’s not the only one, there were several, then a hundreds, thousands. His heart started pumping, his brain couldn’t think. He could see dark shadows or it was just his eyes making up a comforting situation. He panicked, he ran, tried to hide but without any objects. With a bang, there was a flash of light, his eyes went blind. He went blind with that sudden light in his eyes but he didn’t stop running. By the time he could gain his vision he was on the edge of a cliff. He tipped and accidentally jumped into a valley. He didn’t know how deep he was going down but he could hear the voice saying, “You should’ve listened. You should’ve left”. He was falling down. 

The moment of impact, Jimmy got up from his sleep in his lavish big bedroom. He was drenched in sweat and could face the reality that he is a multi-millionaire running a banking business having a villa huge enough to shelter at least fifty people but he was just alone to stay there. To get out of his nightmare, he turned on TV and saw in news that strange disapperance of people who were losing their existence. 

And the news headline appeared as, “An alien attack to destroy humanity”.

The Word “Sir”


Ok, so when people call you “Sir”, “Sahab”,”Saheb”, etc. do you really think that people are doing all that in your respect?
Well, think again!
The fact that I’ve always been wondering about is why do they do it the “Sir” way?
First, they’re being diplomatic. C’mon, you are not there yet, it is just that you’re above in the hierarchy.
Second, they’re just confused with what you should be called. Just because others are calling you “Sir”, you become “Sir”.
Third, they really don’t have an option.
Fourth, Yes! You really got something. You deserve to be called as “Sir”.
It is not a fault with the people, we’ve grown up that way. When you are a kid, you are taught to call your teacher “Madam” or “Sir”. So if at all that teacher beats you up for not doing your 2 pages assignment overnight, you’ll be calling him/her that way only.
There are very rare Fourth type of cases.
Overall, we should think of changing our base system which will make us see towards a “down to earth” approach.
When someone calls you “Sir”, by default your approach becomes different. For example, you’ll think that whatever you are going to say is correct and is factual truth. Also, in case a person who is calling you “Sir”, tries to correct you, then it becomes an offense for you. At the end your ego is promoted.
I say, why do we do something which is not going to be easy on anyone?
I say, why can’t we treat every individual at the same level?
Why can’t we just call him/her by beautiful name and have a simple conversation? Is it that difficult?